About us

Derin Graham, Founder and CEO of Millennium Gear, is a former
Arena football player with 22 years of athletic experience. During his
athletic career, he experienced a desire for custom fit uniforms. Derin
realized that the fit affected his performance. He spent many years
making alterations to his own uniforms to enhance his athletic wear. In
2006, Derin was inspired to launch a sports line of custom fit uniforms
to cater to the needs he lacked as an athlete.
       After years of research, Derin, met with a well-established, uniform
manufacturer, to create his vision for his newly forming company. In
2009, Millennium Gear was established as a specialty retailer that
provided custom fit sports apparel. In three short years, the company’s
growth overwhelmed the production of its manufacturer and brought
the collaboration to an end.
       With much passion for the business and determination for
success, Graham, invested in his own company’s manufacturing
operation expansion. He hired a professional seamstress to train both
him and his team and conducted his very own production line, in
house. Perfecting his craft in sewing, combined with his expertise in
designs, Graham and his team, began producing patterns, design and
apparel for his sports line.
      Millennium Gear currently provides custom fit apparel and
accessories for local high schools, youth leagues, colleges, and pro-
athletes. The company also caters to work out gear and provides an
athleisure line for comfortable everyday wear. Fast-paced and
innovative, Millennium Gear is a clothing line of quality and trend.